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I was migrating my project from seam 2 to seam 3 .

In seam 2 we have @Expiration and @IntervalCron annotations but in seam-cron we don't have any such annotations. @scheduled is there but it's incomplete for my requirement.

I have gone through documentation but coudn't find any luck.

Is there any way to handle this?

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I don't recommend to use Seam Cron, because the project is inactive and there won't be releases anymore. At least as far as I know.

So currently I recommend to use the scheduling functionality of EJB3 instead.

I'm not aware of any other CDI extension to provide such functionality.

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The EJB3 schedule/timer/asynchronous is problematic when use the dependent EJB as CDI bean.

You can consider write a CDI extension for Cron like scheduling using Quartz, jaxenter.com provides an excellent tutorial for this.


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