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I have a spreadsheet which contains a list of songs and the dates that they are used. I would like to be able to have a cell at the beginning of the list of dates, which simply displays the last date the particular song is used.

I have been unable to find a formula function which will do this, which does not mean that it doesn't exist.

So, to reduce the question : I need a formula which will find the last, non blank cell in a given row or range of cells.

In addition, there can exist cells which are blank between filled in rows.

Can an openoffice expert help me here, please ?

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If you just want to see the latest date why not use


Unfortunately, OpenOffice does not support (A:A) to address the whole column...

Alternatively you could record a macro where you go to cell A1048576 first and then use Ctrl+Up to jump to the last used cell.

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