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I'm running fftw with VC++ 2010.

My program takes the 2D fourier transform of a complex gaussian.

The problem is as follows:

My input gaussian is of type complex < double>*, I convert it to fftw_complex* using in = reinterpret_cast< fftw_complex*>(gaussian).

Next, when I try taking real part:
I get Error: No instance of function template "std::real" matches the argument list.

I solved this problem in a cumbersome way by defining:

temp_in = (complex< double>*)in;

and then taking the real part of temp_in.

Then I found out that I can't delete temp_in* in the end of the program. I tried:

1) using delete [] temp_in

2) free(temp_in)

3) reinterpret_cast< fftw_complex*>(temp_in);fftw_free(temp_in);

None of the above works.

Can anyone suggest how to take the real part without definig temp_g and/or how to delete temp_g?

Thanks a lot.

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two remarks. one - std::complex doesn't have to be double[2], so reinterpret_cast doesn't have to work. if it worked, you got lucky. don't reinterpret_cast. two - RTFM fftw.org/fftw2_doc/fftw_3.html#SEC17 –  thang Jan 25 '13 at 10:20
OK Thanks for the reply. –  Yair Forchevsky Jan 25 '13 at 11:42
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