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I migrated users from other site to django site. Old web page had md5 passwords with salt and I am writing a custom hashing alghorithm to so users may authenticate with their old passwords.

When I am trying to login as old user I get:

Unknown password hashing algorithm 'my_hashed_password'. Did you specify it in the PASSWORD_HASHERS setting?

Thats my password hasher

class FallbackMD5PasswordHasher(BasePasswordHasher):

    algorithm = "fallback_md5"

    def salt(self):
        return 'my_salt'

    def encode(self, password):
        return hashlib.md5(self.salt() + password).hexdigest()

    def verify(self, password, encoded):
        encoded_2 = self.encode(password, '')
        return constant_time_compare(encoded, encoded_2)

    def safe_summary(self, encoded):
        return SortedDict([
            (_('algorithm'), self.algorithm),
            (_('hash'), mask_hash(encoded, show=3)),

Thats my settings.py


Please provide me some info how to fix this :) I can't find it out why its not working.

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where does the string "my_hashed_password" comes from? can you lookup the project files? –  Marat Jan 25 '13 at 12:24
That string is a hashed password in my database which is returned in error on login. –  Efrin Jan 25 '13 at 13:20

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Django tries to parse hash from your database using this format:


You likely have plain hashes in database. Try to execute an SQL on database to update with correct format, something like:

update auth_user set password=concat("md5$1$", password);
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