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I have QuestoID's CellObject SQLite browser plugin installed on my eclipse as this was the most commonly described solution to visualize android dbs.

I have used it before without problems, but today (after a while before using it again) when trying to open a .db file on my emulator, I got the error message "Failed to create the part's controls" from the CellObject SQLite Browser.

If I click on details, I get a more detailed message with a

org.tmatesoft.sqljet.core.internal.lang.SqlJetParserException no viable alternative at input 'value' regarding one of my tables.

I imagine that there is perhaps some corruption on the table but apparently not enough to fail in a pragma integrity check and I can open it with Sqlite browser.

Any idea how to solve this problem and to be able to see the db on CellObject SQLite browser?

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