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In Groovy Is it possible to passe any parameters to groovy method?

for example:

myMethod(String a)
myMethod(String a, Int b)
myMethod(String a, Int b, date c)

def myMethod (???){
def myHashMap = [:]
//put elements in myHashMap (?)
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No idea what you're asking but you can pass any sort of parameters to:

def myMethod( ...params ) {
  println "Called with : ${params.collect { "$it" }.join( ', ' )}"

myMethod( 10 )
myMethod( 'woo', 10 )
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great, thank you. groovy is very strong – Valeriane Jan 25 '13 at 10:49

you have to define your method signature as follows:

def myMethod(String a, Integer b=0, Date c = new Date) // default values for optional params

def myMethod(String a, Integer b=0, Date c = new Date) {
     def myHashMap = [:]
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