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Reading ARM AAPCS (ARM EABI), I've found : The role of register r9 is platform specific. A virtual platform may assign any role to this register and must document this usage. For example, it may designate it as the static base (SB) in a position-independent data model, or it may designate it as the thread register (TR) in an environment with thread-local storage. The usage of this register may require that the value held is persistent across all calls. A virtual platform that has no need for such a special register may designate r9 as an additional callee-saved variable register, v6.

I'd like to use r9 as a PID holder for my specific avionics preemptible OS, but I can't figure out how to preserve it : armcc C compiler always uses it as a variable register, so its value always changes through applicative SW.

Any idea ? Is it possible with armcc ? GCC ? DIAB ?...

Thanks for any help.



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For ARMCC you could try



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Great !!! I get over among the 200 compiler options. Thanks a lot. –  user2010402 Jan 25 '13 at 13:37

I answer to mysellf : for GCC, -ffixed-r9 could be used.

GCC online documentation

And for Windriver Diab compiler :

"#pragma global_register identifier=register"

(to be included in every files)

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