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I need a list of common first names for people, like "Bill", "Gordon", "Jane", etc. Is there some free list of lots of known names, instead of me having to type them out? Something that I can easily parse with the programme to fill in an array for example?

I'm not worried about:

  • Knowing if a name is masculine or feminine (or both)
  • If the dataset has a whole pile of false positives
  • If there are names that aren't on it, obviously no dataset like this will be complete.
  • If there are 'duplicates', i.e. I don't care if the dataset lists "Bill" and "William" and "Billy" as different names. I'd rather have more data than less
  • I don't care about knowing the popularity the name

I know Wikipedia has a list of most popular given names, but that's all in a HTML page and manged up with horrible wiki syntax. Is there a better way to get some sample data like this without having to screen scrape wikipedia?

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That ought to be enough to get you started, I'd think.

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You can easily consume the Wikipedia API ( to retrieve the list of pages in specific category, looks like Category:Given names is something you want to start from.

The part of result from this URL looks like this:

  <cm pageid="5797824" ns="0" title="Abdou" />
  <cm pageid="5797863" ns="0" title="Abdu" />
  <cm pageid="859035" ns="0" title="Abdul Aziz" />
  <cm pageid="6504818" ns="0" title="Abdul Qadir" />

Look at the API and select appropriate format and query parameters, and check categories.

P.S. BTW, The wiki-text from page you linked to contain names in a form that easy to extract using regexp... As well as titles of links in the rendered HTML page have “(name)” attached to the name itself.

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The cmlimit option in the query is at maximum (500) allowed to unauthorized users, and can be risen to 5000 items. Anyway using the cmcontinue option to retrieve all results chunk by chunk... – Juicy Scripter Sep 20 '09 at 22:22

Social Security Administration - Beyond the Top 1000 Names Data Files

The above is a comprehensive list of first names in use in the US. The zip files contain national and state-level data by year of birth in CSV format. It includes the number of occurrences (minimum 5) and gender. For example, the national file for 2010 includes 33,838 baby names.

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