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I am trying to delete directories older than one month from a batch file. I am able to list directory names using:

dir D:* /A:D-H

But not sure how can I delete them for a specific time.

Can somebody help me with this?

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Use forfiles command.


FORFILES [/p Path] [/m Mask] [/s] [/c Command] [/d [+ | -] {dd/MM/yyyy | dd}]

The following command forfiles /p "C:\source_folder" /s /m *.* /c "cmd /c Del @path" /d -30 will erase files in c:\source_folder older than 30 days.

See more examples and explications here

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SET FOLDERPATH="F:\TestEnvir\bin\backup\MarketData\D" rem FORFILES /p %FOLDERPATH% /S /D 30 /C "cmd /c IF @isdir == TRUE rd /S /Q @path"

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