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I'm using a code from CRM2011KIT "CRM Online from PHP". And I'm able to create or update entities without any problem from PHP.

But now we need to use impersonation, and I cannot find any example or documents how to do that using LiveID authorization, CRM Online and simple XML requests (of course I'm not able to use SDK from PHP).

I will be glad to hear that somebody solve the problem like mine or have some idea. But I even cannot imagine where to place "CallerID" in current soap XML requests

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Have you looked at this? CRM Online 2011 WebServices - SOAP Only Client

They do bare SOAP requests and there is support for LiveID & Office365 logins

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They do no impersonation, at least I found no one in their SOAP requests. So it does not help unfortunately, I already have working SOAP requests in PHP – Gvalex Bk Feb 20 '13 at 9:13

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