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I rarely touch shell scripts, we have another department who write them, so I have an understanding of writing them but no experience. However they all appear rather useless with my issue.

I am trying to execute some KornShell (ksh) scripts on a windows based machine using Cygwin- we use these to launch our Oracle WebLogic servers, now it simply will not execute. I used to be able to execute these exact same scripts fine on my old machine.

Now I have narrowed this down to the fact the 'magic number' or whatever it is at the start of the script where it specifies the script interpreter path:



if I change it to execute as a simple bash it works i.e:


I went through checking the packages installed for cygwin - now the shells I installed are:

  • mksh MirdBSD KornShell
  • bash the bourne again shell
  • zsh z shell

Should I expect to see a ksh.exe in my cygwin/bin directory? there is a system file 'ksh' which I was making an assume somehow associates it with one of the other shell exes, like mksh.exe

I understand my explanation may well be naff. But that being said, any help would be very much appreciated.


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What exactly does "simply won't execute" mean? Do you get an error message? – Keith Thompson Dec 10 '13 at 0:16

I believe the MirBSD korn shell is called mksh. You can verify this and look for the correct path by typing

% which mksh
% which ksh

or if you have no which,

% type -p mksh
% type -p ksh

or if that fails too, check /etc/shells which should list all valid shells on a system:

% grep ksh /etc/shells

You need to put the full path after the #! line. It will probably be /bin/mksh, so your line needs to look like:

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If you do not want to install ksh in your Cygwin then #!/bin/mksh should work well. – javaPlease42 Jan 11 '14 at 16:03

You've probably fixed it by now, but the answer was no, your Cygwin does not (yet) know about ksh.

I solved this problem by launching the cygwin setup in command-line mode with the -P ksh attribute (as described in http://www.ehow.com/how_8611406_install-ksh-cygwin.html).

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You can run a ksh using a bat file

C:\cygwin\bin\dos2unix kshfilename.ksh

C:\cygwin\bin\bash kshfilename.ksh

Running shell script through cygwin on Windows

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Install KornShell (ksh) into Cygwin by the following process:

  1. Download: ksh.2012-08-06.cygwin.i386.gz
  2. Install ksh via Cygwin setup.
    1. Execture Cygwin setup.exe
    2. Choose: Install from Local Directory
    3. Select the ksh.2012-08-06.cygwin.i386.gz as the Local Package Directory. enter image description here
    4. Complete Cygwin setup.
  3. Restart Cygwin.
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