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I am trying to add reference to "example_file.dll" using AddReference('example_file') method from clr module:

>>>import clr

and in result I get:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Unable to find assembly 'example_file'.

at Python.Runtime.CLRModule.AddReference(String name)

All files are located in current working directory and sys.path looks like this:

>>> sys.path
['', 'C:\\Python27\\lib\\site-packages\\pip-1.2.1-py2.7.egg', 'C:\\Python27', 'C
:\\Windows\\system32\\', 'C:\\Python27\\DLLs', 'C:\\Python27\\lib',
'C:\\Python27\\lib\\plat-win', 'C:\\Python27\\lib\\lib-tk', 'C:\\Python27\\lib\\
site-packages', 'C:\\Windows\\Microsoft.NET\\Framework\\v4.0.30319\\']

Additionally, in result of:


I get


The problem arose from day to day. I am confused because it worked fine before - I don't know what could affect on this. I am working with Windows 7 x64, python 2.73 and .Net framework 4

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Have you tried using clr.AddReferenceToFileAndPath just to be explicit? –  Jeff Hardy Jan 25 '13 at 20:17

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Is example_file.dll compiled against .NET 4?

See Python for .NET "unable to find assembly" error


Has anything changed from "before"?

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