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I need to ectract a double out of a String. The problem is, that the String looks like this:

"13,05 €"

Now I tried to extract just the number, using regex.

Double.parseDouble(test.getAmount().replaceAll("\\D+", ""));

As u can see, there is one problem. By using \D+ the ',' also will be replaced and I don't get the correct amount. Now I thought about how to fix this. Guess I need something like: "Replace all non-digits, but ,". But I can't figure out, how to express that with regex. Does someone have an idia?

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Use a negated character class:

Double.parseDouble(test.getAmount().replaceAll("[^\\d,]+", ""));

[^\\d,] is a negated character class, because it starts with a ^. So this class matches everything, but digits and commas.

See it here on Regexr

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