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I have a simple project to upload pics and Images to Azure, I have these strategies




However, I have these questions...

Can I go ahead with WCF Services and if yes, how to deal with large size images?

Maybe better upload from Windows Phone to Azure storage directly?

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I would suggest that SQL database can be counted off to a large degree. storage is a much more cost effective way to store images which are essentially blobs, however - depending on your needs you might want to store metadata on the blobs in sql to assist in querying

If that is the case using a service layer can assist encapsulating the two paths - storing the blob and storing the metadata

Having said that, passing large blobs through a service is very inefficient and so, for the images themselves, phone->storage is perhaps the most compelling approach and will be the most efficient way to do so both from a coding perspective, solution components and responsiveness; the main downside with that is that it requires the phone app to have the credentials to the storage account, which is a big security risk.

Given all of this you might want to consider a combined flow -> phone->service to store metadata and receive a shared access signature token to the blob and then phone->storage, using the SAS token received, for the photo itself

you will need to handle failures in this flow to update the metadata accordingly...

slightly more complex, but with a good balance between security and performance?

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Check out this code sample which does what Yossi just specified:…. It uses Windows Azure Mobile Service instead of WCF service but conceptually it's the same thing. –  Gaurav Mantri Jan 25 '13 at 13:09

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