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this is my code of fullcalendar

            eventRender: function(event, element) {

                  element.bind('dblclick', function() {
                        content: {
                             title: {
                                text: event.title,
                                button: 'X'
                             text: '<b>Ore: </b>' + event.ore + '<br />' +'<b>Note spese: </b>' + event.spese + '<br /><br />' +
                                   '<a href="javascript:elimina(\'' + event.id + '\' )">Elimina</a>'


This javascipt's function remove the event:

function elimina(value){
        $('#calendar').fullCalendar("removeEvents",  value);


The function remove the event in fullCalendar, but the relative qtip remains. I don't know how to hide/remove the qTip. Could u help me?

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stackoverflow.com/questions/2727504/…. This discussion can help you –  Rohith Nair Jan 25 '13 at 14:30

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