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I'm trying to start and stop hsqldb using maven. I want to start hsqldb server with a specific configuration (database) before the test phase and stop it afterwards and doo the same with an other configuration before and after application starts.

At the moment I start hsqldb with the maven exec plugin but the problem is that the server startup is blocking the complete maven build process (Hit CTRL+C to stop the server.) Also there is no solution for stopping the server automatically.

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Sorry but this does not solve any questions. I'm not using hibernate, I dont want to start/stop hsqldb using source code, I want to start/stop it using Maven. –  Hemeroc Jan 27 '13 at 23:35

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check my hsqldb maven plugin : https://github.com/avianey/hsqldb-maven-plugin

You can just start/stop it like jetty-maven-plugin or tomee-maven-plugin :


    <!-- current version -->

        default value for in memory jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost/xdb
        override only values you want to change
        <validationQuery>SELECT 1 FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.SYSTEM_USERS</validationQuery>

    <!-- call start and stop -->

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