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I am using omnicontacts to import contacts from gmail. But It takes only 99 contacts not all. Here is my code

def contacts_callback
  @contacts = request.env['omnicontacts.contacts']
  @contacts.each do |contact|
  contact1 = = contact[:name] = contact[:email] = "Others" => false)
  redirect_to "/contact"

I can't figure out problem. Please help.

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You need to add the max_contacts option in your initializer:

importer :gmail, "xxx", "yyy", :max_results => 1000

I have just updated the README to include this.

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thanks Diego........ – Jitendra Mar 13 '13 at 6:57

Solved it :)

I went to lib/omnicontacts/importer/gmail.rb

  def initialize *args
    super *args
    @auth_host = ""
    @authorize_path = "/o/oauth2/auth"
    @auth_token_path = "/o/oauth2/token"
    @scope = ""
    @contacts_host = ""
    @contacts_path = "/m8/feeds/contacts/default/full"
    @max_results =  (args[3] && args[3][:max_results]) || 100

And I just change @max_results 100 to 500. Now its working

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