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I am interested in frequency distributions that are not normally distributed. If I have a frequency distributions table which is not normally distributed. Is there a function or package that will identify the type of distribution for me?

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You can use the fitdistr function (library MASS i think) and check for yourself if you find a 'fitting' distribution. However i suggest that you plot the function first and see how it looks like. This approach is generally not recommended as you always can use different parameters to fit a distribution and thus confuse one distribution with another. If you have found a suited distribution you should test it against data.

Edit: For instance a normal distribution may look like a poisson distribution. Fitting is in my oppinion only useful if you have enough random variables. Otherwise just draw variables from your data if you need to

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Thanks very much – adam.888 Jan 25 '13 at 13:22

You can always try to test whether a distribution is adequate for your data with QQ plot. If you have data that is dynamic, I would suggest that you use ECDF (Empirical Cumulative Distribution Function) which will give you more precise distributions as your data grows. You can use ECDF in R with the ecdf() function.

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