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OK, I'm new to compiling programs, and I have literally tried everything.

I downloaded System.Data.SQLite from here: http://system.data.sqlite.org/index.html/doc/trunk/www/downloads.wiki

This allowed me to get sqlite functionality into my C# application. Now I'm looking to add a Levenshtein function so that I can do a search to find similar results in my c# application.

I stumbled upon: https://github.com/mateusza/SQLite-Levenshtein

But I honestly have no clue how to compile it and load it as an extension. I read about the sqlite extensions on sqlite's main website.

I have an idea about how to load my extension: Run select load_extension('path to .dll'), but I don't know how to turn that SQLite-Levenshtein into a dll file that can be loaded from sqlite. I would appreciate any help you can give. (Please bear with me, I'm slowly diving into wide world of compiling).

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That's how I compiled this extension with mingw GCC:

gcc -s -O4 -I /path/to/sqlite/headers/ -shared -o levenshtein.dll levenshtein.c

/path/to/sqlite/headers/ is the place where sqlite3ext.h file is located.

If your platform is x86 (32-bit), you may take http://www.siftsoft.com/misc/levenshtein.dll -- that's what I built from git HEAD right now.

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