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Can someone explain how to use EXDATE when adding event to android calendar? The documentation is pretty unclear about the format in which the EXDATE should be put. I tried many formats, these are some of them:

values.put(Events.EXDATE, "TZID=Europe/London:20130116T080000");
values.put(Events.EXDATE, "20130116T080000Z");
values.put(Events.EXDATE, "20130116T080000");
values.put(Events.EXDATE, "20130116");

but none of them works. Any idea how to make an event not appear on a particular date, if by the RRULE it should appear?

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The correct format is:

values.put(Events.EXDATE, "20130116T080000Z");

However you must ensure that it is in UTC time. I was having the same problem starting from PST, so I just had to add 8 hours to get it to work.

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Thanks! That was my problem, it wasn't correctly changed in UTC –  nikmin Feb 2 '13 at 20:30
Plz tell me how to to that, I inserted it but it did not effect.. –  tai.tran2008 Jun 24 '13 at 9:42

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