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Referring to the examples given in the post :

Examples in the post : SimpleDoclet and SimpleOrder

I need to know where do I need to place my SimpleDoclet and SimpleOrder and how do I run this doclet to generate output?

I tried using Generate JavaDoc with the following data :

there are two packages : newPack which contains my classes for which javadoc should be generated and oldPack in which SimpleDoclet is Present

Could you please let me know a solution for this? Javadoc

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I had the same problem; this is my solution:

  1. I create SimpleDoclet in the package codegen.samples
  2. I have exported SimpleDoclet as jarname.jar in C:\xx
  3. In Eclipse, set Doclet Name: codegen.samples.SimpleDoclet and Doclet class path: c:\xx\jarname.jar
  4. Ask for private visibility (to get all atts and methods)
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