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I have installed Visual Studio 2012 Express and the Mono SDK so I can do XNA game development.

I started reading about touch screen today and the Microsoft.XNA.Framework.Input.Touch namespace. I've put the following code into the Initialize() method of my main game class:

TouchPanelCapabilities tc = new TouchPanelCapabilities();

if (tc.IsConnected)
            int i = tc.MaximumTouchCount;

but tc.IsConnected returns false. I'm developing on a touch Windows 8 tablet so can't understand why it would return false. Can anyone help?

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You are initialising an empty structure. You need to call:

TouchPanelCapabilities tc = TouchPanel.GetCapabilities();

Then IsConnected should be true.

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D'oh - should have read the manual a bit closer. Thanks. –  markp3rry Jan 25 '13 at 22:40

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