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I'm creating an application on which I want different users to use it. I want to insert a variable, only modifiable at development mode. I think maybe there should be a way of using the App.Settings of the WPF Application, but, after one hour googling, I don't have a clear idea yet.

So, I need:

  • A variable that makes the WPF Application run at administration or client scope
  • If I have that variable in a specific role, I want to disable some controls

Any idea on where to look for a solution for this?

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Well you could add to the base class of your ViewModels a property which contains the value reflecting the mode. As next step you could bind the IsEnabled property of the controls, which shall have this behavior, on this property of their related ViewModel.

Since you don't want to provide different modes with different states a.s.o., this seems to be the best approach.

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