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With the help of using the Google document Writing files to a blob store

I can store the file in Google Cloud in below way,

 //My servlet Class
  private StorageService storage = new StorageService();
  FileService fileService = FileServiceFactory.getFileService();
  AppEngineFile file = fileService.createNewBlobFile(mime, fileName);
  boolean lock = true;
  FileWriteChannel writeChannel = fileService.openWriteChannel(file, lock);
  byte[] b1 = new byte[BUFFER_SIZE];
  int readBytes1;
  storage.init(fileName, mime); // Calling my Java Class Here
  while ((readBytes1 = != -1) {
  writeChannel.write(ByteBuffer.wrap(b1, 0, readBytes1));
  storage.storeFile(b1, readBytes1);}

I have a storage java class to store the data in Google cloud that is below here,

//My Storage Class 
  public class StorageService {
  public static final String BUCKET_NAME = "MyBucket";  
  public void init(String fileName, String mime) throws Exception {
  GSFileOptionsBuilder builder = new GSFileOptionsBuilder().setAcl("public_read").setBucket(BUCKET_NAME).setKey(fileName).setMimeType(mime); 
  AppEngineFile writableFile = fileService.createNewGSFile(;
boolean lock = true;
writeChannel = fileService.openWriteChannel(writableFile, lock);
bos = new BufferedOutputStream(Channels.newOutputStream(writeChannel));
public void storeFile(byte[] b, int readSize) throws Exception { 

From the above reference i can store the file directly in Google cloud. But i need to store those files as blob values using the File service.

Can anyone suggest me an idea.

your help will be appreciated.

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Your life will be a lot easier if you create the file in Google Cloud Storage instead of the BlobStore -… – fejta Jan 29 '13 at 8:48
ya i understand it i have a doubt related to it can you see this link...… – Sabarish Jan 29 '13 at 10:23
What are your doubts? What are you trying to do? – fejta Jan 31 '13 at 5:27
am trying to store the files as blob values without using the createUploadURL() in HTML form. I should upload a file as normal mutlipart file uploading and i need to store the file as blob values. – Sabarish Jan 31 '13 at 5:57

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Have you add appengine service account into Google API Console Project ? If you have not done, you should prepare Google API Console Project.

  1. Confirm your appengine service account on "Application Settings" tab on GAE Admin Console
  2. Create new Project on Google API Console. or Open API Console Project for your exists bucket.
  3. Make enable "Google Cloud Storage" in "Services" tab.
  4. Add appengine service account as team on API Console "Team" tab.
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