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My question is very simple

Is there any way to set environment variables via Manifest.yml *without* running the vmc command set-env [application name] key = value ??

On Amazon it is possible to do the following using the .ebextension files

*option_settings:    - Namespace: aws: elasticbeanstalk: container: tomcat: JVMOPTIONS

     option_name: JVM Options

     value: = value-DKEY*

Also I want to set this variable deploying the application from Eclipse without using vmc




Or something similar.

I managed to make it through the set-env vmc command, but it is quite uncomfortable when working with Eclipse pluggin so that when you delete or remove the application variables disappear.

So, it would be ideal to set these variables in manifest.yml .... but I cannot get it or do not give the correct syntax.


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You might want to try adding this section to the manifest.yml:

  {name}: {value}
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I can confirm this works with the latest version of VMC, see this Gist for an example - gist.github.com/4654412 –  Dan Higham Jan 28 '13 at 10:15

Looking at the current code for manifest handling (https://github.com/cloudfoundry/vmc-plugins/blob/master/manifests/lib/manifests-vmc-plugin.rb) I guess there is no support for env-vars in manifest.yml.

I suggest you file an issue for it.

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Thank you Ebottard... I'm quite surprissed about that.... Do you know where can i send that issue? Thanks again! –  Azimuts Jan 25 '13 at 21:27
I guess cloudfoundry.atlassian.net is the best place, using the "vmc" component. Thanks. –  ebottard Jan 26 '13 at 19:03

I have tried many ways with no result.

  1. I deploy via Eclipse Pluggin for Cloud Foundry.
  2. I have created a manifest.yml file just below the war proyect.
  3. VMC version: 0.4.7

The manifest.yml just constains :


-- name: myapp


 my_env_var: hello

No result, no way (:-

I also have done a gem update ( and find any update of the Eclipse pluggin...)

Updating installed gems

Updating manifests-vmc-plugin

Fetching: manifests-vmc-plugin-0.5.0.gem (100%)

Successfully installed manifests-vmc-plugin-0.5.0

Gems updated: manifests-vmc-plugin Installing ri documentation for manifests-vmc-plugin-0.5.0... Installing RDoc documentation for manifests-vmc-plugin-0.5.0...


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