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I am using Play Framework 1.2.5 with Java. I have a login form. I am trying to validate the login form with an required check i.e. both the username and password are required. I did this code:

 public static void welcome(@Required String txtUserName, @Required String txtPassword){
        flash.error("Oops!!! Please enter your credentials!");

For displaying the messages, this is what I have in the heml page:

<td align="right">
#{if flash.error}
<p style="color: red;">
    ${ flash.error }

If any one or both of them is absent then I want to display specific messages i.e. If User Name is absent then the message should be "Please provide a User Name!!!". Presently, it is displaying a common message.

Please let me know how to achieve this.

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The Validation class has a method hasError:

 * @param field The field name
 * @return True is there are errors related to this field
public static boolean hasError(String field) {
    return error(field) != null;

Try to use this method like this:

    flash.error("Username required");
}else if (validation.hasError("name_of_password_form_field")){
    flash.error("Password required");

The field name must match the name of the one of the input element in your groovy template.

Good luck!

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Don't know how I missed it :( – user182944 Jan 25 '13 at 16:00

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