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I've got an ElasticSearch index with a large set of product properties. They are all looking like that:

{'_id':3,'type':'category','name':'SUV Cars'},
{'_id':9,'type':'category','name':'Cabrios Hardtop'},
{'_id':10,'type':'category','name':'Cabrios Softtop'},
... and 1 Mio. more ...

There are 4 different types of product properties existing: Categories, Manufacturers, Colors and Materials.

The question: How can i query with only one query (it's a settled performance requirement) the best matching result for each type?

So if i request a full text search query i.e. "Green Toyota Cabrios" i should get the following results:

{one matching result of the 'material'-type if found by the query}

That would be the perfect result set, always at maximum 4 results (for each 'type' one result). If there is no matching result for a specific type available there should be just 3 result items returned.

How is that possible with Elasticsearch? Thanks for your ideas!

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I don't understand clearly your use case. What are you indexing in fact? If you index cars, you should index it like:

  "color": "Green",
  "manufacturer": "Toyota",
  "category": "Cabrios"

That said, from the question you ask:

You can probably define your fields as not_indexed. That way, if you search for "Green Toyota Cabrios" if field "name" you won't get "Cabrios Hardtop".

Not sure I really answered but I don't see your use case...

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