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Can someone please explain why my JavaScript function is not being called.

The JS function is:

function loadKMLFile(kmlUrl)
    alert('in loadKMLFile().');
    google.earth.fetchKml(ge, kmlUrl, finishFetchKml);

My C++ Qt code is:

void MainWindow::on_loadKML_button_clicked()
    QString fileUrl = ui->textEdit->toPlainText(); // Get path to file
    ui->webView->page()->mainFrame()->evaluateJavaScript("loadKMLFile(" + fileUrl + ")");

When I run my app, I enter in a path to a file to load. This is then extracted by the C++ method above and a call made via evaluateJavaScript passing in the path.

If the path passed in is empty string, the JS function is called and the alert box appears. If a put a single character (let alone the whole path) in the text edit, the function is not called I do not get the alert box appear.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.

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did you enable javascript already?

webView->page()->settings()->testAttribute( QWebSettings::JavascriptEnabled );

refer:qwebsettings WebAttribute

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I managed to solve this one myself. Bit of a school boy error. Needed to add some missing single quotes so that javascript interpreted the parameters correctly as below: ui->webView->page()->mainFrame()->evaluateJavaScript("loadKMLFile('" + fileUrl + "')"); –  user2011176 Feb 7 '13 at 18:10

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