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currently I'm handling links this way:

<a ng-click="goToLink('/foo')">foo</a>

$scope.goToLink = function(url) {

because if I do

<a ng-href="/foo">foo</a> 

the page is of course reloaded(and getting 404), because it should be something like:

<a ng-href="#/foo">foo</a>

Is there a directive or something to define links that are 'html5 mode agnostic', so that I don't have to put the hashtag in every link?

Something like

<a ng-smart-href="/foo">foo</a>.
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Check ng-href, It is exactly what you are looking for.

Check "Relative links" example from$location

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When I try <a ng-href="/foo">foo</a> I get a full page reload. Am I doing something wrong? – martinpaulucci Jan 25 '13 at 16:16
@sammla, Have you checked the example of $location? – SunnyShah Jan 25 '13 at 16:18
Yes, and I see its working there, but I can't figure out what configuration I am missing. I tried adding a base href with no luck. And the example says "Here you can see two $location instances, both in Html5 mode" and in the script I see $locationProvider.html5Mode(true).hashPrefix('!'); (I am using hashbang mode), but in the example it uses hashbang. It's kind of confusing.. :S – martinpaulucci Jan 25 '13 at 18:22

In HTML5 mode, will rewrite <a href="/foo">link to foo</a> to hash-bang mode if in a legacy browser:

See the documentation on this: Using $location, Html link rewriting.

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