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I'm trying to print PDFs with Qt and it's working fine. However, in certain cases I'd like to change the size of the paper AFTER I know how much will really be printed.

I'm trying to change the paper size of the device attached to my QPainter object, but it doesn't impact the actual output.

Here's what I'm doing in pseudo code:

printer = new QPrinter(...);
printer->setPaperSize(...); /* eg. A4 */

painter = new QPainter();

determine_page_size_by_trial_rendering(frame, printer, *painter);

printer->setPaperSize(....); /* eg. A5 */

real_rendering(frame, printer, *painter)

Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to get this going. I feel like the QPainter object somehow keeps the page size somewhere and I'm not able to reset it.

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Ok - i figured it out already believe it or not. I had been looking for more than a day, but it turned out to be simple - i just destroyed the Painter objected and then opened a new one:

painter = new QPainter(printer);

That solved it...

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