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I have a class with the next code:

public Class GenericVehicle{

    private long vehicle_id;
    //Other attributes

    private List<wheels> myWheels

    public List<Wheels> getNyWheels(int vehicle_type_id){
        //My code to return all wheels from all vehicle with this type
        return List<Wheels>;

And I need to call this method from a JasperReport using iReport. I am not able to execute it becausse I can not pass the parameter from iReport. How can I do it?

At the moment I am using a report with a subreport with this dataSource Expression. It gives my all wheels of a GenericVehicle (independently if it is car, bus, bike, etc):

new JRBeanCollectionDataSource($P{genericVehicle}.getWheels())

But I need to do something like this one, adding the vehicle_type_id parameter to get only the wheels for one specific vehicle type:

new JRBeanCollectionDataSource($P{genericVehicle}.getWheels($P{vehicle_type_id}))

I can not change the Java code because it is fixed.

Thanks in advance!

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can you attach the parameter definition for both parameters out of the JRXML? – MrsTang Jan 25 '13 at 16:26
No, I can not do it. Or maybe you can but I am so new with Jasper :-( – Jose A Lopez Pastor Jan 28 '13 at 7:44

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It was my mistake, that can be done:

 new JRBeanCollectionDataSource($P{genericVehicle}.getWheels($P{vehicle_type_id}))

Many thanks

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