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I am developing an application that is based on GPS/user location. There is one main activity I called MainController that is managin fragments (replacing them) and also manages bottom tabs (activating selected tab & deactivating others). In one FragmentList class, I need to sort objects by distance from user and pass them into ArrayAdapter. All I need is now user location, but the most important question is how to request user location, that after navigating to another fragment I could be able to update this location and when it is needed, pass it into fragment (or request from fragment). Do I need to use Service ? Is there other way to achieve this ? I thought about Application object, but I don't know if it really can request user locations ?

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I think Service is the best approach. There's plenty of online tutorials on how to achieve it :) –  alex Jan 25 '13 at 14:19

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You call Location API's in MainController

As for communicating with Fragments, the documentation is pretty clear on how to do it

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