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I have a third party web application which I would like to deploy to a Tomcat 5.0 server via an installer. AutoDeploy is set to true. However, the application consists of more than one WAR file.

If I put the WARs under /webapps directly, they work like a charm. However, I would like to expand them under /webapps/myapp/..and here the expanded WAR directory... This way they do not get AutoDeployed. Can somebody suggest what I need to configure for this to work?

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As this page suggests, you can place two XML files into $CATALINA_HOME/conf/[engine_name]/[host_name] directory (e.g. $CATALINA_HOME/conf/Catalina/localhost) each defining a Context for one of two WARs.

First one (e.g. app1context.xml):

<Context path="/myapp/app1" docBase="${catalina.home}/webapps/myapp/app1war">


And the second one (e.g. app2context.xml):

<Context path="/myapp/app2" docBase="${catalina.home}/webapps/myapp/app2war">

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