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I have a DropDropListFor that looks like this:

 using (Ajax.BeginForm("FilterListingsWorkflow", "Listing",
    new {
        categoryguid = Model.SelectedCategoryGuid,
        workflowstatus = Model.SelectedWorkflowStatus,
        entityName = Model.EntityName,
    new AjaxOptions {
        HttpMethod = "POST",
        UpdateTargetId = "listingTable",
        InsertionMode = InsertionMode.Replace
        <p>Filter listings by Workflow Status:</p>
        @Html.DropDownListFor(m =>
            Enum.GetValues(typeof (WorkflowStatus))
                .Select(v =>
                    new SelectListItem {
                        Text = v.ToString(),
                        Value = ((int) v).ToString()
            new { onchange = "$(this.form).submit()" })

As you can see, there are three objects that are being sent to the controller:

  • Model.SelectedCategoryGuid, Model.SelectedWorkFlowStatus and EntityName.

WorkFlowStatus is an enum, and for some reason, whenever I click on any of the enums in the DropDownList, it always comes out to be the FIRST one.

I have three Enum values which get inserted in to the DropDownList which are:

  • Draft, Published and Archived.

So, whenever I click on any one of them and when I hover over the variable in the Controller, I see that the parameter variable: workflowstatus is always Draft (which is the first one).

Does anyone know why the CORRECT enum isn't being passed over?

It's really bugging me...

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The name of your DropDownList is SelectedWorkflowStatus. So make sure your controller action takes such parameter as argument:

public ActionResult FilterListingsWorkflow(WorkflowStatus selectedWorkflowStatus)

That's where you will get the correct value. I can see that you are setting some route values for your form:

new {
    categoryguid = Model.SelectedCategoryGuid,
    workflowstatus = Model.SelectedWorkflowStatus,
    entityName = Model.EntityName,

But don't look the workflowStatus parameter in your action. This guy will contain the old value, the one that was hardcoded in the form when the view first rendered. The fresh value is stored in the selectedWorkflowStatus parameter coming from your DropDown.

All this being said the proper way to handle this situation is (as always in ASP.NET MVC) to use a view model:

public class MyViewModel
    public Guid SelectedCategoryGuid { get; set; }
    public WorkflowStatus WorkflowStatus { get; set; }
    public string EntityName { get; set; }
    public WorkflowStatus SelectedWorkflowStatus { get; set; }

that your controller action will take:

public ActionResult FilterListingsWorkflow(MyViewModel model)
    // model.SelectedWorkflowStatus will contain the value from the DropDown
    // model.WorkflowStatus will contain the initial value

Also please replace:

m => Model.SelectedWorkflowStatus


m => m.SelectedWorkflowStatus

in your DropDown. You don't need to capture the model in a closure.

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That worked perfectly. Thank you. – Subby Jan 28 '13 at 15:34

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