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I would like to directly read a property file into a map. I found an example such as :

def propsFile = new File(fileName)
props.each { k,v->
     println "${k} /// ${v}\n"

Ok, it works correctly for line looking like :


i.e. where the key contains no whitespace. But I have to treat a property file where keys will looks like

This is a key (example)=Value

where This is a key (example) will be the key. And the example above does not work at all as it gives the first word (This) as the key. So, is there a way to tell that the key value separator is = and no other character.

If not, il will read line by line and split... but i would prefer a more elegant solution if any.

Thanks for your help J.L.P.

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If your properties file is not following the specification (with escaped spaces in the key names) then you'll have to write your own parser I believe, and go line by line.

Not too hard though, you should be able to use something like:

String props = '''toto = titi
                 |# comment
                 |way and hay = yes'''.stripMargin()

Map properties = props.split( '\n' )
                      .findAll { !it.startsWith( '#' ) && it.trim().length() }
                      .collectEntries { line ->
  line.tokenize( '=' )*.trim()
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