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I have a remote machine and I want to get all logged in user details. I wrote the code using cassia as follwoign using this link

    ITerminalServicesManager manager = new TerminalServicesManager();
    using (ITerminalServer server = manager.GetRemoteServer("SERVERIPADDRESS"))
        foreach (ITerminalServicesSession session in server.GetSessions())
            NTAccount account = session.UserAccount;
            string userName = session.UserName;

            if (account != null)

Now I want to connect to this server using a particular UserId and Password. How can I do it? I am not getting any option for that.

What I tried is, I gave the server ip address and build the solution. Then I tried the exe file as a different user and giving credentials but failed to login.

Can anyone please help. I am ready and open to ditch Cassia, but want a working solution.

And please help me tagging this question, I cant get my mind around it.

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You'll need to use impersonation -- the underlying Remote Desktop Services API does not support passing in credentials as parameters. See Cassia issue 32 and the links in the comments there for more information on impersonation.

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