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I'm really annoyed by eclipse ! I'm trying to use external project as a library (Sliding menu from J. Feinstein). The import of the library in eclipse is ok, but when I open the properties of my project and add it as a library, It doesn't work. Eclipse tell me that it's ok, but when I build the project, I have an error telling me that eclipse can't find library.apk. If I check the properties again, there is a red cross id front of my library.

Here is a little screenshot from the the properties window in eclipse. http://snag.gy/4jnKk.jpg

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a library, in this case, is a .jar file, not an .apk. –  David M Jan 25 '13 at 15:36
this may solve you problem : stackoverflow.com/questions/5167273/… –  starx Aug 8 '13 at 3:15

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Try to remove this row, and using "Add" connect your library project to current project. If you have .jar file, copy it to libs folder and use "Properties - > Java Build Path - > Add jars".

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I solved the problem by myself... I was using Egit plugin as CVS and it mess up something ! Now I'm using a console to handle git, and I've no problems anymore.. Thanks anyway :)

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