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following project : AssemblyA.dll (contains core elements) AssemblyB.dll (became injected) app.exe (GUI to start injection)

I start my Application, to search for a specific running process ( for testing a simple wpf application). After starting these App I would start my dll injection. For that I looping over every process. After finding searched one, I start injecting my assembly. Up to this point everything is ok. When it's injected, I send a message via

::SendMessage((HWND)handle.ToPointer(), MESSAGE, (WPARAM)assemblyPath, 0);

The path parameter contains information about my AssemblyB(assembly name, typename, method name), the message parameter only contains "invoke", to check which action program should do.

Finally I would start a specific method via

methodInfo->Invoke(nullptr, nullptr);

But this call didn't work, cause my target assembly refers to assemblyA.dll, and I get following Exception :

  EEFileLoadException * __ptr64 at position 0x00309940..
  [...]  [rethrow] at position 0x00000000..

The assistant for unmanaged debugging "BindingFailure" in "path\WpfApplication1.exe" detected. Assembly with the name :"AssemblyA" couln't load into "Anonymous"-binding context of AppDomain with ID 1. error: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: file or Assembly "AssemblyA, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" or a dependency was not found.

So I think, the WpfApplication needs a reference to my AssemblyA, because if I put a copy into the Applications execution path, it works fine. Is there a possibility to "store" assemblyA into AssemblyB while building it? Or is it an other error? what should I change?

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Handle assembly resolution for AssemblyA.dll yourself? – James McNellis Feb 6 '13 at 7:28
Where should I do the resolution? – Kooki Feb 6 '13 at 7:36

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