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I'm using Zend Framework 2 in a project with that code:

require_once APPPATH . "third_party/Zend/Loader/StandardAutoloader.php";

 $loader = new StandardAutoloader(array('autoregister_zf' => true));

How can I add ZendSearch from this github repo:

I dont know how to copy it into the zend directory, so that the autoloader finds it.

Please help me.

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Ladys and gentlemen, here is the solution:

$loader = new StandardAutoloader(array('autoregister_zf' => true));
$loader->registerNamespace('ZendPdf', APPPATH . "third_party/ZendPdf");
$loader->registerNamespace('ZendSearch', APPPATH . "third_party/ZendSearch");

Life could be so easy ;)

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getting this error when using lucene search. Fatal error: Class 'ZendSearch\Lucene\Lucene' not found. Can you please describe, where to use these statements to autoload and how to use in controller.

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You have to use the autoloader code before you start to use ZendSearch. In CodeIgniter-Framework for example, I use a library with the code written above, which will be registered in the autoload config file. – Stefan Pöltl Feb 27 '13 at 12:51

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