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my view looks like this:

For a given value of session, I want to retrieve a unique list of type.

function (doc) {
 if (doc.sesion) {
    emit([doc.sesion, doc.type], doc);

How should I query the view? Do I need to create another view?

I am aware that I should use include_docs instead of emitting the doc in the view, but lets not worry about that for the time being.

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Do it like that:


However, it would be easier to reformat your view like that:

function (doc) {
 if (doc.sesion) {
    emit(doc.sesion, doc.type);

And query as you mentioned with:

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In case doc.type can have null value then query would be: ?startkey=["session_value",null]&endkey=["session_value",{}] – joscas Jan 25 '13 at 19:11

To get the unique set of types you can use reduce, querying the view with group=true without group_level (or group_level=exact, see view API) and startkey=["YOUR_SESSION"]&endkey=["YOUR_SESSION",{}] as described here. Note that this way you cannot use include_docs because you can use it with map only (without the reduce).

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