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I am developing MVC application and want to use WIF & Claim based security. However I am very disappointed with the way login is perfomed. I mean redirection to STS login page and then redirecting back to my page. That is not user-friendly at all.

I want to implement login page in my application (it fact it will be popup dialog). Than using Web API I want to be able to perform STS request and get security token and initialize WIF infrastructure (Principle etc).

Is it a good way to go with? Did anybody do something similar? Does anybody have some samples of what I am trying to do?

I just worry that I don't have control over the STS login page layout & style. Also I will have mobile application and must perform login using Web API service.

What can you advice? Thanks

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Please, stop referring to "ASP.NET MVC" simply as "MVC". One is a framework, while other is a language-independent design pattern. It's like calling IE - "the internet" – tereško Jan 25 '13 at 18:12

Well - you can do that of course. This does not need to be WIF specific. Call a service, pass credentials - and when OK set the login cookie.

But if you want SSO you have to make a user agent roundtrip to the STS - otherwise you cannot establish a logon session.

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Consider using MembershipReboot membership provider which uses claims-based security and is not based on microsoft's traditional membership provider.

It does not have a documentation, but in the zip file you can find 2 sample projects that uses MemebershipReboot provider, which explains all you need to know about it.

In fact after reading this blog post today, I decided to use this approach in my current project. I'm still struggling with it now and I'm so excited !

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In addition to Ashkan's recommendation Brock Allen provides solid documentation about how to implement MembershipReboot in association with IdentityServer. You can find that their is a way to configure a custom implementation Here. Also their are a few tutorials on vimeo from Dominick Baier (leastprivilege) that will provide a full walk through on getting started! I hope this helps!

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