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I want to open a url in a browser from an Android app. Thats pretty straightforward: How can I open a URL in Android's web browser from my application?

But how can I open the url in a specific browser, if it exists.

if(user has chrome)
    open url in chrome;
else if(user has opera)
    open url in opera;
    open url in default browser;

is this possible?

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Generally speaking Tanis right, you shouldn't do such things for Android.

However, if you really need to. You can use Intent.setPackage. This will send indent to appropriate application package.

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You shouldn't force the user to use a specific application for a generic event like opening a URL. Android is designed to give the user the freedom to use whatever app they want.

This is why when you click URLs on your phone, you will get a dialog asking which application you want to use for that action. You can select an application to always handle that type of action, but apps should not choose for you.

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