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I have a transactional email with the following code:

<a href="{{store url=""}}"><img src="{{var logo_url}}" alt="{{var logo_alt}}" style="margin-bottom:10px;" border="0"/></a></td>

and a logo in /public_html/skin/frontend/fortis/default/images called logo.png What I should put in store url="" and in {{var logo_url}} to show my logo in the transactional email?

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You Should have an image in your folder called logo_email.gif same as logo_print.gif for the Print View pages.



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If you have to use your logo.png file you need to use something like this

src="{{skin url="images/logo.png" _area='frontend' _package="fortis" _theme="default"}}"

But the better way would to be to convert your email logo, as suggested by SteveyO, to email_logo.gif and put it into /public_html/skin/frontend/fortis/default/images/logo_email.gif so you don't need to edit every transactional email and make sure that everything is set up in system->configuration->general->design

More info can be found here How to I replace the default logo in transactional emails?

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You should change that in the Magento backend (configuration > design > transactional e-mails).

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For this, In the skin hierarchy of your theme under this skin/frotend/default/YOUR_THEME/images structure you should have your logo file naming it as "logo_email.gif". Just replace this with your new logo file (keeping the same name).

This won't require any further updations, clear the cache and check it out.

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