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well im using this script right here:

and I have a multiMonth plugin and multiple select enabled.

I want to be able to on load have certain dates already selected and those dates come from a database
I found two possible clues to help me out, but since I have not strictly learned JS yet, I can not made heads or tails.

here's the code right now im using:

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
   jQuery(function() {
         numMonths: 12,
         inline: true,
         selectMultiple: true,
         startDate: '01/09/2009', // DD/MM/YY
         month: 8, // 0=JAN  1=FEB ...
         year: 2009
         function(event, displayedMonth, displayedYear) {
          //uncomment if you have firebug and want to confirm this works as expected...
          //console.log('dpMonthChanged', arguments);
         function(event, date, jQuerytd, status) {
         //uncomment if you have firebug and want to confirm this works as expected...
         //console.log('dateSelected', arguments);
         new Date().asString()).trigger('change');
         function(e) {
            return false;

and this part is not being selected, I took it from the select todays date demo

.val(new Date().asString()).trigger('change');
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RTFM: dpSetSelected – SeanJA Sep 21 '09 at 2:28
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This example demonstrates exactly what you are trying to do:

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