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Am I right in thinking Python cannot open and read from .out files?

My application currently spits out a bunch of .out files that would be read manually for logging purposes, I'm building a Python script to automate this.

When the script gets to the following

for file in os.listdir(DIR_NAME):
    if (file.endswith('.out')):

The script blows up with the following error "IOError : No such file or directory: 'Filename.out' "

I've a similar function with the above code and works fine, only it reads .err files. Printing out DIR_NAME before the above code also shows the correct directory is being pointed to.

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os.listdir() returns only filenames, not full paths. Use os.path.join() to create a full path:

for file in os.listdir(DIR_NAME):
    if (file.endswith('.out')):
        open(os.path.join(DIR_NAME, file))
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As an alternative that I find a bit easier and flexible to use:

import glob,os

for outfile in glob.glob( os.path.join(DIR_NAME, '*.out') ):

Glob will also accept things like '*/*.out' or '*something*.out'. I also read files of certain types and have found this to be very handy.

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