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I know the iPhone can play video on an external screen if you have the Apple component output cable. I also know you can write an app that plays video. Is there a way to put those two things together and write an app that will play video specifically on an external screen?

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Hi, did you ever get this to work? Apple unapproved methods are fine; it's just for a product launch so will never see the app store :) –  deanWombourne Nov 10 '09 at 11:23

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This is currently not possible with the iPhone API. I have heard of apps that have done it on jail-broken phones, but there is not Apple-approved way of doing it at this time.

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This can be done using private private APIs, but it won't get in the store. This guy wrote a class to do it here: http://dragonforged.com/DFVideoOut.shtml Haven't used it myself, but it looks very simple.

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