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I can't seem to find this mentioned explicitly, but it seems that you can't send an escaped plus sign ("%2b") as a query arg value if you're using, since the query arg is escaped.

// bad:
new URI("http", null, "", 80, "/foo", "a=%2b", null);

Tried an actual "+" character, but that gets sent as-is, so the server will interpret it as a space.

// bad:
new URI("http", null, "", 80, "/foo", "a=+", null);

So I guess you just have to do the percent-encoding of the query arg keys and values yourself and use the single-argument URI constructor that doesn't escape? Maybe let URI escape the "path", since the rules are tricky (eg, the "+" character means a plus character, not a space, when in the path):

// good:
new URI(new URI("http", null, "", 80, "/foo", null, null).toASCIIString() + "?a=%2b");

Also, the docs claim you can create a URI like this and it will be identical to the source URI:

URI u = ...;
URI identical = new URI(u.getScheme(),
        u.getPath(), u.getQuery(),

but that's not true when it contains %2b

URI u = new URI("");
URI identical = ...; // not identical!

Frustrating, I guess that's why everyone uses apache commons or spring classes instead?

PS: references a URI constructor that does not exist in "the following identities also hold" section. It needs to remove the "authority" parameter.

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I run into same trouble. After some researching, I think that if you need an %2b encoding of plus symbol, it is better not to use URI class as a result. I am using code like this:

URI uri = new URI(...);
String asciiUrl = uri.toASCIIString();
String plusReplaced = asciiUrl.replace("+", "%2b");
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I'd use UriBuilder to take care of all characters that need to be encoded.

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