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If a MonoMac app has been compiled on MonoDevelop, can it be remotely debugged via Mono-tools (or anything else) on Visual Studio running on a Windows machine?


Several library assemblies are compiled on Windows .NET and copied over to a Mac. Their symbols are then converted from .pdb to mono's .mdb format using pdb2mdb.

The final executable that references the libraries is compiled on MonoDevelop on a Mac. This produces the .app bundle that contains the plist, xibs and the referenced library assemblies.

This app can currently be run and debugged on Mac using MonoDevelop.

Question: Is there a way to remotely debug the app using Visual Studio?


  1. Mono-tools seems to be a good starting point, but it seems to require that the entire app be compiled in Visual Studio. This is not possible with a MonoMac app.
  2. Looked for the sources for mono-tools but could not find any. Also could not find a third party solution for this scenario.
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