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Are there any good parser combinator libraries available for javascript? I found a few after googling, but most are unmaintained. Thanks.

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Can you tell us what you found? – Elf Sternberg May 6 '13 at 17:39

The only serious one I know of is Parsimmon. I especially like its Promises/A-based API, and its last commit occured two months ago.

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(Disclaimer: I am a coauthor of Parsimmon.) It is serious, with particular thought put into its API, and minimal thought put into performance, and serious work needed on its error handling. It has been battle-tested over the last year in MathQuill, where it is used for LaTeX parsing. A parser combinator library rather than a grammar file is really nice for that, because different LaTeX commands are parsed differently so being able to ask each command how to parse itself improves code locality. – Han Aug 30 '13 at 1:12

I wrote a parser combinator library called parse.js . It takes a different approach than Parsimmon, closer to Parsec, and is somewhat larger but supports more advanced use cases such as memoization, parsing and outputting lazy streams, users states, custom callbacks, and more powerful combinators. It is in active development and can be used to develop large, complex parsers like this ECMAScript lexer and parser.

There is also jsparsec. For better or worse, the api attempts to emulate haskell very directly, but the project does claim to have some interesting features. It does not seem to be in active development.

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packrattle looks maintained. As of 2014-05-09, its last commit was 2014-02-16.

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Paka.js is an option you may like. https://github.com/weidagang/paka-js

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