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hits the route '/order/:id' and takes to OrderCtrl.

Once we access the $routeParams.query, we want to clear the url to #/order/123. How can this be achieved?

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Using the $location service, you can remove the search param by assigning it a null value:

$ 'status', null );

But you should note that, by default, this will reload the current route. If you don't want to reload the current route, you can disable that in your route definition:

$routeProvider.when( '/order/:id', {
  // yada yada...
  reloadOnSearch: false

But the $routeUpdate will still fire and can be reacted to.

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Great! This seems to work with $ 'status', null ).replace() as well. – randomguy Jan 25 '13 at 17:38

A more efficient way to remove all search params would probably be

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